Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Harmony Lakeside RV Park

Harmony Lakeside RV Park Campground Review

Harmony Lakeside RV Park was in a beautiful little area south of Seattle. It wasn’t close enough to drive to Seattle to eat or sightsee, but it was close enough to make Seattle our next stop. We booked a gorgeous lakeside spot and the views were spectacular. We were able to walk our paddleboards right down the dock and paddle out on the lake.

These west coast sunsets give me all the feels.

While the lake was beautiful, the bathhouse was a disappointment. You may be asking why because these pictures are gorgeous. Well, they left the quarter machine connected to the showers so to use hot water, you have to insert quarters. I don’t mind quarter showers if they take more than one quarter at a time and you don’t have to get completely out of the shower to add another quarter. It was awful. Insert one quarter for 4 minutes worth of hot water. You can’t insert a second quarter to add to the time and to add time you have to get completely out of the shower. It was the worst RV park shower I’ve used since we started full-timing.

We did love the laundry room though. It was different as in, it only had 2 washers and 2 dryers, but when you get the key, it is all yours. You have to put your name on a list and then you get a key. You’re the only person with a key and it is yours until you return the key. Sure only one person uses it at a time, but nobody can mess with my clothes (or add their clothes to my machine – yep, that’s actually happened to us). We enjoyed it, but likely only because it was the off-season so the RV wasn’t very busy.

We also had a Hurricane Party while we were here because we felt a little left out. Back home was dealing with Hurricane Irma and our favorite spots in the Florida Keys were getting battered with this storm. This weather junkie was pretty sad to not be out in the storm measuring wind speeds so drinks, puzzles, and streaming The Weather Channel happened all night. I ended up with an extra puzzle piece. How does that even happen? Not cool.

Ready for a crazy story? When we arrived at Harmony Lakeside RV Park, the incredibly sweet lady working the front desk said, “so we have this situation.” We immediately were like no big deal, thinking we probably couldn’t get into our RV site yet or something of that nature. She said, “I’m going to have to escort you to your site and ask the police officers to move their vehicles for a moment as we have a situation.” Ok, please explain more. She politely let us know, the police were trying to get 2 people to come out of an RV, they wouldn’t come out so they were likely going to just tow the RV away with them inside if they didn’t come out. We thought, no big deal – they probably ran out of money, didn’t pay rent, and now they’re embarrassed. WRONG. SO. WRONG. There were 2 robbery suspects inside the RV and they were refusing to come out. We witnessed an entire stand off between the police and the 2 men inside. Turns out, they had numerous warrants out for their arrest and wouldn’t come out. A couple hours after we checked in, the police finally received their search warrant and busted down the RV door – all while the entire RV park stood around watching. We aren’t quite sure why we weren’t all told to leave – they easily could have come out with weapons. We got quite the show while we were settling in for the week.


Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Dakota Ridge RV Park & Resort – Golden, Colorado (Near Denver)

Dakota Ridge RV Park and Resort Campground Review Golden Denver Colorado

I am so excited to be giving out our very first 5 out of 5 on The Gypsy Scorecard!

I don’t take this score lightly, but I think it is well-deserved for Dakota Ridge RV Park in the charming town of Golden, Colorado only 11 miles outside of downtown Denver. We officially love this place and highly recommend it!

A few things to love about Dakota Ridge:
– Buddy sites with lots of space
– Hot tub
– Close to grocery stores, Target, and other shopping
– Workout room (It’s small, but it exists!)
– Proximity to Chick-Fil-A (Sweet tea and waffle fry heaven – thank goodness – it had been over 2 months since my last chick Fil A fix and just about as long since I’ve had a good southern, sweet tea.)

First off, how beautiful, large, and gorgeous is this site? Beautiful grass, no dirt, and large concrete pads to park your RV on are just the beginning. While not everyone likes buddy sites, I personally do. I think they give everyone more space and most of the time, you and your neighbors are not typically outside at the same time. Check out our gorgeous site below!

Some of the amenities include a swimming pool (great for swimming laps), a hot tub, a community room with games and movies to borrow, a small workout room, playground, and a dog walking area.

The bathhouse and the laundry room are both very nice as well. Unlike most RV parks, both are large and spacious here. The laundry facility is very large with more washers and dryers than most places. In the bathhouse, the shower stall are huge with a bench to sit your stuff on and numerous towel hooks. Once you’re out of the shower stalls, there are plenty of mirrors and places to get ready.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at Dakota Ride RV Park. We were here for almost a month and we will definitely be back in the future. It is a short drive to Denver and only about an hour away from Summit County with our favorite places like Copper Mountain and the town of Frisco.

* I only have 2 complaints about this place. They’re minor in the scheme of things, but I would be remiss if I did not mention them.

1) They only have valet trash pickup. This means, any trash you don’t set out between the hours of 8am-10am, can’t even be put in a dumpster. They keep the dumpster locked. This is impractical in a campground. People cook food and don’t want cut up food leaving odors in their RV (think cutting up onions in a small space and leaving them out all night while you sleep). We typically take the trash to a dumpster after each meal. They keep the dumpster locked so you can’t even throw away your own garbage.

2) The hot tub is frequently closed. As one of the main perks of this RV park, I expect it to be open more than it was. Many days we were told there was a chemical imbalance and the hot tub was closed. It is not that difficult to keep the chemicals in a hot tub balanced if you know what you’re doing. It is obvious, they don’t know enough about hot tub chemicals to keep it properly balanced. One of our first nights in the hot tub, they checked the water 3 times while we were in it as they couldn’t quite get the reading they wanted. While we used the hot tub frequently, many times we went up there only to find it was closed.

*It is also worth noting how expensive this park is. Being one of the few decent campgrounds in/around the Denver area, they’re able to charge quite a bit for it. They take advantage of being one of the few good ones in the area, but I can’t fault them for that. That’s business. The park was full every night we were there so they can clearly charge that much and still get repeat customers. Some of the people we met at the park have been staying at Dakota Ridge for years and are still coming back even with the price increase. – Obviously, if you’re looking for a budget friendly RV park, this is not the one you’re looking for, but if you’re looking for close proximity to area attractions (like Red Rocks Amphitheater or Frozen on Broadway at Denver Center for the Performing Arts or a Colorado Rockies game– click any of those links to read about our experiences at those places – also we viewed the Solar Eclipse from here) then this is a great park. It is also worth noting, I have a friend that lives nearby which we took into account when choosing this park.

I also want to mention we read quite a bit of negative reviews on this park and we didn’t have many location options when we booked so we were quite nervous about staying for so long. I understand everyone has different opinions AND they have very strict policies, but as a person who actually likes rules, that made me like this place. I read a lot of people complaining online about some of their rules – including, extra costs for additional people, charging for dumping trash outside of the dumpsters, refund/deposit policy, not accepting mail on behalf of guests, etc. While I don’t love all of these rules, I would personally rather have rules I hate than not enough rules. I like order and don’t like when people break rules so I liked this park. Just a few days ago, I saw someone on the Full-Time RVers Facebook group complaining about this park and while I agreed with the RVer and not the RV park, the RV park clearly states all policies ahead of time AND requires guests sign a form stating they understand these policies. Like I said, I like rules so I was ok with this, but it seems many others are not as fond of the park as I am. You wouldn’t have so many people come back again year-after-year if the park wasn’t good tough. A lot of people complain that the spaces are tight, but that is really only the back-in sites around the perimeter. The pull-through sites (which do cost more) are much more spacious with concrete padding. I wouldn’t stay in a back-in site here, but we’ll definitely be back again to stay in a pull-through. Maybe we got lucky and didn’t have some of the issues other people have had at this park, but I also like to think we’re kind of chill and just liked this place. 🙂

Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Denver / East Strasburg KOA – Strasburg, Colorado

Denver East Strasburg KOA Colorado Campground Review

On our journey from Wyoming, we needed to stay near the Denver airport for a few days (to pick up Mom) before heading over to Golden, Colorado for our 3 week stay so we immediately looked up KOA as we figured they would have some options in the area. The Denver/East Strasburg KOA was perfect and only about 15 minutes from the Denver Airport. This is one of the nicer KOA’s we’ve stayed at and they have the NICEST showers I’ve seen in any RV park. The rest of the bathroom was interesting (think – neon lights around the mirrors – DISCO TIME!!!), but the showers were recently redone and were a gorgeous, marble finish. There isn’t much around in the town, but there is a little diner across the street that isn’t too shabby and it is better than it looks from the outside.

Also, has anyone else noticed how there are ALWAYS train tracks near campgrounds? What’s up with that? Thank goodness for white noise machines or sleep would not exist.

Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Brush Memorial Municipal RV Park and Campground – Brush, Colorado

Brush Memorial Municipal RV Park and Campground Review

Don’t let this place fool you. It is SO WORTH the stay for a weekend. I’m bringing you another Weekend Edition of The Gypsy Scorecard for this great little place in Brush, Colorado called Brush Memorial Municipal RV Park and Campground. While we didn’t stay long (only one night), this cute little town is well-deserved of a quick layover. The best part is, your first night is FREE. Yes, F-R-E-E! And, even if you stay longer than your first free night, it is only $20 per night after that. All you have to do is pull in, pick your spot, and park. It’s just that easy. Once you park, fill out the envelopes left at the bulletin board (see below) and drop it in the box. While some of my ratings below aren’t the best, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t stay again. I would come back to this little campground and town in a heartbeat!

The RV park is right next to the very large city park which includes a huge pool with a giant slide along with a large playground, huge grassy areas, and covered picnic areas with grills.

Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Red Desert Rose – Rawlins, Wyoming

Red Desert Rose Campground Rawlins Wyoming Campground Review

Have you ever driven through Wyoming? We’ve been to some great places so far, but I don’t recommend trying to make the drive from the west of Wyoming to the east. There is NOTHING and I mean nothing. Limited gas stations. Limited food. We were supposed to stop halfway through, but we were so bored with the drive, we decided to power through and show up to Red Desert Rose a couple of days early. Luckily, they were able to take us in no problem and even moved our already paid for reservation of 2 days to when we arrived. We left from Jackson, Wyoming (actually Victor, Idaho at this RV Park) where we went whitewater rafting, paddleboarding on the lakes, and whitewater paddleboarding on the Snake River. Our destination in mind was Golden, Colorado (with a few days to spare in between before our next reservation).

Don’t you love this vintage style campground sign? So awesome!

One of the best parts about campgrounds is the after hours check-in option. For those who don’t know, a lot of campgrounds leave their available sites listed somewhere for those who are driving and need a place to stop and stay. Red Desert Rose does after hours check in better than any other campground I’ve ever seen. They have 4 separate compartments for the various types of sites (full hookups, full hookups no cable, water/electric only, and dry camping). Each compartment has an envelope for each of those with reservations who haven’t arrived yet and envelopes with site numbers that are available. It is so well done and we were very impressed with the packet they put together for each site.

Bonus points always awarded for laundry facilities with change machines – our jar of quarters always seems to be running low!

A very unique perk of this RV park is the “Courtesy Vehicle” as seen below. This vehicle is available for use to run quick errands like grocery shopping. I’ve never seen this at an RV park before so it was really awesome to see. Our neighbor went grocery shopping in it – so it is definitely being used!

They also have a putt-putt course (see above-right) and a book exchange (see below). I love when RV parks have book exchanges!

Doesn’t the lounge area in the store (above) remind you of Elvis Presley’s Jungle Room at Graceland? Ok, so maybe that’s a stretch, but the wood walls, dark furniture, and greenery give off that Jungle Room vibe to me.

Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Elks Campground – North Sterling State Park – Sterling, Colorado

Elks Campground North Sterling State Park Colorado Campground Review

Today, I’m debuting a new version of the Gypsy Scorecard – The Weekend Edition! This scorecard is solely reserved for places I believe are great weekend getaways, but they aren’t necessarily somewhere we would stay long term. The Weekend Edition of the Scorecard will only be used occasionally as we typically stay places long-term and always ensure they are work-from-home friendly. Occasionally, we’ll hit a weekend getaway to get off-the-grid a little bit (because who doesn’t love a weekend on the lake without cell phone service?).

Elks Campground at North Sterling State Park was also our first experience with the whole state park, first-come, first-serve to get a camping spot. We got super lucky as when we pulled up the sign said the campground was full, but we decided to drive up to the gate to make sure this was true. We lucked out and it wasn’t – in fact, most of the campground was empty and they hadn’t removed the full sign from the night before. We got our pick of spots and we found a great, large spot with a small walking trail to the reservoir. It was perfect for us to walk our paddleboards right down to the water.

On a side note – while I’m not judging cell phone service on The Weekend Edition of the Scorecard, this area has very little to no cell phone service at all. It was nice for us, but if you aren’t into that, you’ve been warned. If the kids must have Netflix, this isn’t your place, but if they’re cool playing down on the beach and in the reservoir, you’ll have a gem of a weekend.

Don’t you love this awning over the picnic table below? It was super unique, but really great! We loved how it covered not only the roof but one of the sides, too.

The below is an indoor space which is great for eating, hanging out, escaping the weather, or anything else. It is just a large open space for campers to use.

Ok. How many people have experienced this (see below)? Is this how State and National Parks are with their showers? This was our first State Park experience so we weren’t sure if it was normal or not. Let me tell you, paying for minutes of a shower with quarters is challenging. You realize how long of a shower you actually take and when you run out of time, there’s no warning. The water just shuts off.

And, the sunsets were just gorgeous.

On a completely separate note, when we left Elks Campground, we found a farm selling sweet corn right out of the field. We drove by saw the sign and did a u-turn (with a fifth wheel!). We pulled into the corn field and watched as they brought fresh corn they had just pulled off the stalks. Seriously, $5 for a dozen fresh sweet corn cobs is a killer deal. We were grilling fresh corn for the entire next week!

Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Teton Valley Campground – Victor, Idaho

Teton Valley Campground Victor Idaho RV Park Review

This place we’re currently in is quite possibly the saddest campground we’ve been in. And, by sad, I mean, our slides are inches away from touching our neighbors’ slides. The bathhouse only has 3 shower stalls for hundreds of tent campers who are also in this campground (who paid significantly less than we did – as in, the groups pay only $7 per person and some of the groups looked like they could have been 100+ people). Unfortunately, they also have a monopoly on campgrounds in this area so if you want to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Grand Teton National Park without being directly inside the tourist area, this is just about your only option (if you’re a big rig or can’t rely on a first-come, first-serve RV park in the National Park).

Teton Valley Campground in Victor, Idaho is charging almost double what we pay everywhere else for sites that don’t let everyone put their slides out. We paid extra for a “Premium” site and one of our neighbor’s slide outs was about 2 inches from ours. We couldn’t open our living room blinds because we would look right inside their camper. Sadly, we had the best spot in the whole park as we were able to open all of our slides and we could open our awning almost all the way (no one else could open their awning).

There was also construction going on directly behind our RV. As in, the bulldozer has come mere inches from our backdoor. When we pulled in, they were laying pipes under the ground and there were massive piles of dirt and rock blocking our views. There was extremely loud noise as they bulldozers were constantly backing up with their blaring horns. We asked how long it would be going on when we checked in and they promised it would be complete the next day. Two weeks later, we left and this construction was STILL GOING ON. It was pretty awful. (On a side note, I convinced the office to refund us our final 2 nights and we left early. We were just fed up with construction.)

The people working here were so nice, but they are extremely overworked. Our neighbors are work campers (meaning they work while staying here for the summer and don’t have to pay for their RV site). They work 12-14 hour days and they work so hard.

This campground is under new ownership so the old reviews are phenomenal. It used to be owned locally for 21 years and was recently sold to a vacation company. We learned they don’t care about anything except bringing in money and aren’t even asking what type of RV site you need/how long your rig is when you call to make a reservation. The construction has a lot to do with the new cabins they’re building. They’re replacing almost all of the RV sites with cabins and then adding some RV sites behind the cabins.

(PS. If you’re planning to visit for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 – be prepared! They aren’t finished with the “new” section of the park and plan to just park RVs on the dirt lot next door. There will be no hookups for water, electricity, or sewer – and, they haven’t built the additional bathhouse facilities for this event yet – as planned/promised. That means, they’ll have to walk over to the current bathhouse which has 3 restrooms and 3 shower stalls.)

Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: RedRock RV and Camping Park – Island Park, Idaho

RedRock RV and Camping Park Island Park Idaho Campground Review

During our time at the West Yellowstone entrance, we stayed at RedRock RV and Camping Park in Island Park, Idaho. I would really like to give this campground a better rating than I am because the views are phenomenal, but I just can’t do it.

Let me start with the great features of this park. For starters, the views are gorgeous. You’re surrounded by mountains in a secluded area. You have to travel up the mountain on a long, dirt road to get to the park (which we don’t mind). Once you get there, you see endless mountains and there is even a lake directly behind the campground. The site spaciousness was also unique and we loved it. They park the RVs opposite directions of each other so you aren’t in your neighbors hookups (electric, water, and sewer hoses). We definitely were in one of the best sites as we had a very large grassy area between us and the next camp site. We were able to set up corn hole and have plenty of space to play. We sat at the picnic table in the grass almost every night for dinner before settling at the fire pit provided by the campground for the evening.

I also want to make sure I mention how wonderful the bathhouse and laundry facilities were. I’m picky about these and won’t often give a 5 out 5 rating, but they were wonderful. The showers were very new. The water pressure was excellent and the hot water was so hot you couldn’t turn it all the way up. The laundry room was one of the largest I’ve seen providing ample room for numerous guests to wash multiple loads of clothes at a time. The machines were on the newer end as well which was nice.

Unfortunately, that’s were the good comes to an end. If I was only rating on those things, RedRock would receive a 5 out of 5 (so if the following items don’t pertain to you, then you’re good to go!). Let’s start out with the proximity to grocery stores. There are none. You have to drive about 30 minutes into West Yellowstone or there is large convenience store about 15 minutes away that is considered a grocery store. You can at least get your basics there, but if you want anything more, you’ll have to make the drive into town.

The next issue was the dirt and dust since they are an ATV friendly park. Many of the RV parks we’ve stayed at in the past will water down the gravel in the campground so the park isn’t so dusty. RedRocks doesn’t do this and it there is constantly dust flying up from ATVs driving back, trucks pulling out, trailers pulling in, etc.  It wasn’t the worst we’ve ever seen, but when the wind picks up, you can watch the dust swirling around you.

The main reason RedRocks doesn’t receive a higher rating is because of the following categories: Rules & Policies, Wireless Internet, Cell Phone Service, and Full-Time Work Friendly. When you check in, they advise you of their internet policy – 500mb each on 4 devices per day. The internet itself works great (so again, if this is all you need, you’re good to go). They literally cut off your internet if you go over that amount. The cell phone service is very spotty so you can barely even use a hotspot to get internet. Even worse, when you do use a hotspot, they knock on the door of your RV telling you they are receiving a high reading of data transmission coming from your RV and you need to turn it off because you’re using too much cell phone power. EXCUSE ME? DID THAT ACTUALLY JUST HAPPEN? Yes, it most definitely did. So, are they full-time work friendly? No, they most definitely are not. We ended up having to make the drive into West Yellowstone several times to work in a coffee shop just to use our own Verizon hotspot. We LOVED the coffeeshop, but we should have never had to go there just to use our own hotspot when it was working. The cell phone service worked during the day when everyone was out and about, but when everyone was home in the evenings, the cell phone service was dreadful.

Would I stay here again? If we didn’t work full-time and need internet, I probably would. If you need internet for anything more than checking email and Googling what to do in Yellowstone National Park, then no, I wouldn’t stay here again.

The views were breathtaking from the campground.

Campfire meals are so much better than meals cooked on a stove. One of the perks of this RV park was the built in fire pit at each site.

Who doesn’t love a coffee shop INSIDE a book store?

The below was our fantastic yard space. We definitely lucked out on this one.

Look Mom, More Corn – Full-Time RVers in Nebraska

Carhenge Nebraska Full Time RV

Look, there’s a cornfield.

Oh, there goes another one.

How many cornfields could there possibly be?

Do we really need this much corn?

Apparently, yes.

I also drove the Gypsy Hauler for the first time too! I was surprised at how not scary it was to drive nearly 60 feet of vehicle!

And with cornfields, comes great responsibility. The responsibility to wear a cornhusk on your head while running around a gas station parking lot yelling “Go Big Red!”

But, before we could even make it to Nebraska, we had to travel through Iowa and Kansas. Guess what we had to replace? The other tires. All of them. We purchased a total of 5 tires in 4 days to start the trip. Two different technicians told us they believed the tires were faulty. A piece inside completely stripped out just like the first one. After spending 3 hours at a truck stop in Iowa, we were finally on the road again (cue the Willie Nelson soundtrack).

We didn’t make it too far before crossing the Nebraska state line, home of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Welcome Center. We try to stop at most of the welcome centers and this is one of the most unique ones I’ve ever seen. With interactive displays and replicas of items that would have been found on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the welcome center was both interactive and educational.

One of our stops in Nebraska was a little town called Gothenburg, home of one of the original Pony Express Stations. We had to make a slight detour off the interstate to get there, but it was well worth it. While this is not the original location of the building, the building itself was a Pony Express stop. It used to be 2 stories tall, but as the years went on and the building deteriorated, they moved just the top portion to this new location for restoration. Many artifacts from the Pony Express era are located in the building including this entertaining job advertisement poster.

The other stop was a highlight for me. I found this place online one day on RoadsideAmerica.com (an awesome website for random, kitschy tourist stops across America).

Behold the glory of Carhenge. This stop is a complete gem. It is a complete replica of Stonehenge built out of cars. And only American cars are allowed. There’s a graveyard in the back for a few cars that were non-American made. These cars were taken to their death and received a gravestone, but not until one of them was paraded through the town in a funeral procession first.

For my RV friends out there – here’s a review of Grand Island KOA in Nebraska. While we only stayed here for one night, it is definitely a nice little area I wouldn’t mind coming back to. It doesn’t seem like there is much to do in the area and we were simply passing through so I can’t speak to the surrounding activities. We pulled in at 8:00pm and left the next morning around 6:00am. We pulled in just in time to order a pizza with campsite delivery service – definitely a plus! I wasn’t actually able to enjoy the pizza as there are no gluten free options, but my parents definitely benefited from this park amenity. This was a huge plus as there is not much around the park other than cornfields.

There were 2 shower areas, but I was only able to make my way to one because we were there so briefly. The shower had the best water pressure I’ve ever had at an RV park and the water was so hot I couldn’t turn the heat all the way up! The showerhead was even adjustable with different massage levels. This was probably one of the best bathhouse shower facilities I’ve ever seen.

For those with kids or dogs, there is a pet walk area and a playground for the kids. As well as pool for everyone. It was gorgeous at night as the sunset over the cornfields and the lightning bugs came to life. They danced everywhere through the night. I ended up not getting much sleep as I stayed up way too late watching the lightning bugs chase each other around.

The staff was incredibly friendly and provided a golf cart escort to our site to ensure we fit properly and had the proper placement on our site. They even made sure to take our pizza order before we drove our camper to our site as we arrived right before the pizza shop was closing. They made sure to let us know that before even getting us checked in.

All in all, Grand Island KOA is a nice RV park for passing through Nebraska or for a nice peaceful getaway. I would return to this campground for some relaxing time in the country.

Oh, and we’ve never seen a water hook up like the above before. (Update: apparently, it is a mid-West thing as our next campground had this kind of water hookup, too.)

Full-Time RVers – Hometown Campground: Campground / RV Park Review: Stagecoach RV Park – St. Augustine, Florida

Stagecoach RV Park St Augustine Florida Campground Review

Home Sweet Home.

We’re calling this country our home now, but when we’re back in our hometown, we stay down in St. Augustine in a campground called Stagecoach RV Park. The owner, Laurie, is so nice and welcoming. We’ve stayed there so much now that she knows who we are and always greets us with a smile. We’re able to chit-chat about all sorts of things.

One of our favorite things about Stagecoach is the all the shade trees and space between campsites. There is plenty of room to spread out a mat next to your RV, pull out the chairs, and watch TV outside. There’s an area out back where stunt planes come out to practice (mainly on the weekends). It’s nice to go out to the back of the property and watch the planes do tricks and learn new maneuvers.

The bath house and laundry room are out back near the open field. The laundry rooms has a lot of washers and dryers, plus a little table for folding clothes. The bathrooms are nice as well with great water pressure and very hot water. It’s nice to take a long, hot shower versus a quick one in the RV so this is perfect. It gets hot in the bathhouse midday, but mornings and nights are perfect for a relaxing shower.

If you’re ever in the Jacksonville or St. Augustine area, be sure to stop in at Stagecoach. Be sure to tell Laurie we sent you!