Full-Time RVers Do MLB – Colorado Rockies Game

Major League Baseball MLB Colorado Rockies Full Time RV

Growing up in the softball world, I was never really into baseball – which for some reason surprises most people since they thing baseball and softball are the same thing. That’s wrong. They aren’t. Sure they’re similar, but baseball is SO. MUCH. SLOWER. The games take forever and I get bored. There’s not nearly as much action as softball.

We realized though, that other than a few Braves games a long time ago, we hadn’t really been to an MLB game before and I don’t remember going to those Braves games back in the day. So we ended up at a Colorado Rockies game (against the Braves no less). I must say it was pretty great. The game felt so long, but we had fun and ate a lot of really great food.

Would I frequently go to MLB games? No.
Will I continue to go occasionally? Yes. (Mainly for the food)

Here’s a few photos of our day at the ballpark!

Also, this has me jonesin’ for summer when we’ll be in Oklahoma City for the Women’s College World Series – after a 2 year hiatus, we’re going back! Luckily, we’re season ticket holders there so we’ll have our lucky seats back – I mean, the Gators did when 2 National Championships with us there and couldn’t win with us not there. I’m not saying we’re good luck, but what I’m saying is they were waiting to win the 3rd while we’re there. 😉