Paddle the Lakes at Grand Teton National Park – Full-Timer RVers in Jackson, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The mountains remain snow-capped all summer and the lakes lead right up to the base of these mountains. They are absolutely breathtaking and it is such a beauty to paddleboard in the cold water looking up at the mountains.

While everyone goes to Jenny Lake (and we did make a quick visit), some locals told us String Lake is where it’s at. They were right. We arrived at the lake around 7:30am – long before most of the tourists arrived. We had the lake all to ourselves and it was amazing. There were so many animals out and about – including several deer who crossed the lake right in front of us.

Enjoy the beauty of this magnificent place!

Whitewater Paddleboarding is Crazy

Jackson Hole Wyoming Snake River Whitewater Paddleboarding

We may be insane. We decided to paddleboard 14 miles down the Snake River by Grand Teton National Park – the same river we went whitewater rafting on (you can read my post on that here). Granted, it was not the same stretch of river, but it was still pretty crazy. We went whitewater rafting on a stretch of class III rapids. From what we hear, the stretch we paddleboarded was 1+ and 2 rapids.

Our inflatable Bote Boards were clutch. And by clutch, I mean, they didn’t even flinch when they went over rocks, trees, and even bottomed out on rock islands. I rock the Breeze and Dad rides the Drift. They’re both amazing and highly recommended. If you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida area – be sure to check out Hagan Coastal Outfitters. They hooked us up last year when we were trying to decide between kayaks or paddleboards and whether or not we wanted hard shell or inflatable. After a demo day, we decided on the Bote inflatables and haven’t looked back!


Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Teton Valley Campground – Victor, Idaho

Teton Valley Campground Victor Idaho RV Park Review

This place we’re currently in is quite possibly the saddest campground we’ve been in. And, by sad, I mean, our slides are inches away from touching our neighbors’ slides. The bathhouse only has 3 shower stalls for hundreds of tent campers who are also in this campground (who paid significantly less than we did – as in, the groups pay only $7 per person and some of the groups looked like they could have been 100+ people). Unfortunately, they also have a monopoly on campgrounds in this area so if you want to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Grand Teton National Park without being directly inside the tourist area, this is just about your only option (if you’re a big rig or can’t rely on a first-come, first-serve RV park in the National Park).

Teton Valley Campground in Victor, Idaho is charging almost double what we pay everywhere else for sites that don’t let everyone put their slides out. We paid extra for a “Premium” site and one of our neighbor’s slide outs was about 2 inches from ours. We couldn’t open our living room blinds because we would look right inside their camper. Sadly, we had the best spot in the whole park as we were able to open all of our slides and we could open our awning almost all the way (no one else could open their awning).

There was also construction going on directly behind our RV. As in, the bulldozer has come mere inches from our backdoor. When we pulled in, they were laying pipes under the ground and there were massive piles of dirt and rock blocking our views. There was extremely loud noise as they bulldozers were constantly backing up with their blaring horns. We asked how long it would be going on when we checked in and they promised it would be complete the next day. Two weeks later, we left and this construction was STILL GOING ON. It was pretty awful. (On a side note, I convinced the office to refund us our final 2 nights and we left early. We were just fed up with construction.)

The people working here were so nice, but they are extremely overworked. Our neighbors are work campers (meaning they work while staying here for the summer and don’t have to pay for their RV site). They work 12-14 hour days and they work so hard.

This campground is under new ownership so the old reviews are phenomenal. It used to be owned locally for 21 years and was recently sold to a vacation company. We learned they don’t care about anything except bringing in money and aren’t even asking what type of RV site you need/how long your rig is when you call to make a reservation. The construction has a lot to do with the new cabins they’re building. They’re replacing almost all of the RV sites with cabins and then adding some RV sites behind the cabins.

(PS. If you’re planning to visit for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 – be prepared! They aren’t finished with the “new” section of the park and plan to just park RVs on the dirt lot next door. There will be no hookups for water, electricity, or sewer – and, they haven’t built the additional bathhouse facilities for this event yet – as planned/promised. That means, they’ll have to walk over to the current bathhouse which has 3 restrooms and 3 shower stalls.)

Adventure Time! Whitewater Rafting in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Wyoming Whitewater Rafting Baker-Ewing

We heard one of the best places to go whitewater rafting was in the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Grand Teton National Park. I don’t have anything to compare it to since it was my first time whitewater rafting, but it was pretty awesome! It was mainly class III rapids, but I could personally go for something a little more intense.

After some research, we saw Barker-Ewing had been in business for over 50 years and had nearly flawless reviews online. We booked a trip and away we went! I must say, it was fantastic and we had a really awesome guide on our raft. His name was Billy (aka “Bus Talk Bill”) and he was knowledgeable about the area, telling us all sorts of facts as we were going down the river.

Here’s a few pics from our time on the water!