Meet Me Under that Big Montana Sky

Gardiner Montana Yellowstone Full Time RV

A few weeks ago, we made it to Livingston, Montana for the 4th of July holiday. We were only there for a few brief days to enjoy the rodeo and a quick trip to the Northern part of Yellowstone National Park. We ventured to the rest of Yellowstone at our next stopping point, but here’s a few pictures of our brief time in the area. For more pictures, check out this post on the Beartooth Highway and this post on the Livingston Rodeo.


We had our first experience with west coast hail! It was insane and completely unpredictable. We were driving down the road when all of a sudden, golf ball size hail started hitting our car.  Now that we’re a few weeks later, we’ve quickly learned that with rain comes hail about 10 minutes later. It still freaks us out every single time. It is terribly loud when it hits a metal RV.

And a few funny ones of the parents below. 🙂

Wheat from a field and an old school telephone booth INSIDE a pharmacy – it is how you talk to the pharmacist!