We Live in Our RV Full-Time and We Aren’t Retired

There’s a lot of reasons to choose RV living over your “regular” sticks and bricks home. Most people think those who are living a full-time RV lifestyle are retired and while sure, most people may be retired, the median age of RVers is slowly lowering. Many Millennials are turning to RVs for both vacation and living purposes. We’re a mixed age family – I was born in 1990 and that does make me a Millennial, but in 2017, my parents and I made the choice to sell the house, the cars, and as many of our belongings as possible for a life of freedom.

Full Time RV Blog Family Non Retired Work from Home Young

We work full-time from the RV. We travel full-time from the RV. Someone the other day mentioned we’re semi-retired and I beg to differ with that statement. For starters, I’m not even 30 yet and I actually really enjoy my line of work. We’re not semi-retired. We work just as many hours at our work from home job as we did when we had office jobs. The difference? No commute. No stress of the day-to-day office life. No office gossip because we don’t work around any of our coworkers. I get more accomplished in the same 40+ hours a week working from home than I ever did working in my last office job. While I do miss my teammates from my old job, it is just so freeing to not have the burden of office life.

I prefer to say we live a semi-minimalistic lifestyle rather than a semi-retired lifestyle. While I think calling ourselves minimalists would be extreme (we still have a lot of stuff), we have minimized our life to the necessary. We watch less TV and spend more time outside. We spend no time commuting to work and now we spend time actually cooking health, homemade meals instead of eating out or grabbing something to go on the way home from work. We’ve freed ourselves from the burdens of life that pin everyone down and we’ve become free people who live where we want, when we want, and how we want.

Have questions about the full-time RV life? Working from your RV? Or anything else RV related? Drop us a note in the comments, email us (freewaygypsy@gmail.com), or chat with us on Instagram (@FreewayGypsy). We’re always here to help out our fellow RVers or those interested in the lifestyle.

LOCAL FLAVOR: KIMOS Hawaiian Style Food – Food Truck in Beverly Beach, Florida – Restaurant Review by Full-Time RVers

Kimos Hawaiian Food Truck Flagler Beach Local Food Truck Review

You guys know how much we love finding the local food and one of our favorites this stop in Flagler Beach was actually a food truck with a permanent location INSIDE our campground (um, hello – why isn’t every campground renting out a front spot to local food trucks!?!). Such a delicious and unexpected treat when we arrived to Beverly Beach Camptown Resort in Beverly Beach, Florida (basically Flagler Beach). KIMOS Hawaiian Food opened in July 2017 after Jennie and Craig purchased the food truck and began their adventure in the food business.

We frequented this place so often that I didn’t want to just provide a normal review so this time, we did a mini-interview with the owners of KIMOS Hawaiian Style Food Truck to find out a little more about them and their cuisine. They’re an absolute gem of a family who moved down to Flagler Beach to open their food truck. Much like how we’ve picked up our life and completely changed it by living full-time in our RV, the Garris family took a chance and started a new life in Flagler Beach. They moved from Massachusetts 3 years ago for a simpler life out of the cold where they could enjoy being outside, at the beach, in a small town with family. Hard-working professionals working as an Optometrist and a Golf Pro, moved themselves along with their 4 children (ages 10-25) to Flagler Beach.

After high school, Craig moved back to Hawaii where he learned everything about his heritage and the food. When it was time to start a family, they moved to Cape Cod where they resided for 20 years prior to selling their home and belongings to make the trek down to Florida.

Jennie was always a good cook and between that and the recipes passed down from Craig’s family in Hawaii, they started this food truck serving up all the foods they’ve been cooking in the family for years – everything from shrimp tacos to my personal favorite, SPAM fried rice.

Listen, I know right now you’re thinking SPAM fried rice – really? Yes, really. It. Is. DELICIOUS. It is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. This combination of fried rice, fried SPAM, and vegetables provides a unique flavor palette that makes the soul happy.

When you ask Jennie what the best part is about running a food truck in a beach town, she quickly responds with the people. KIMOS has regular customers who stop by just to say hello then come back later for a bite to eat after they hit the beach. Meeting the people and hearing their stories is such a special part of the food truck business and this town doesn’t disappoint. Craig and Jennie are well known in the area and many other restaurant owners show up to get their food at both KIMOS Hawaiian Food Truck and at Farley’s Irish Pub in the European Village (more on that below). The community loves them and they love their community and that’s what makes this place so special.

PS. As a bonus, they’ve now taken over the menu at Farley’s in the European Village. They’ve revamped the menu and are serving all their specialties plus more! It’s an Irish pub with a little Hawaiian flare! On weekends, they often have specials like Poke Bowls and Guinness Stew to go along with all the drinks the pub serves.

Full-Time RVers: Sleeping Essentials When Living in an RV

Manta Sleep Mask Review for Full Time RV

Sleep (in my opinion) is without a doubt the most important thing to staying healthy. And if I’m being honest, I sleep a lot. I always have and I think it is one of the many reasons I rarely get sick – I probably just jinxed myself with that one (“Jinx back, double pinky around the side, double pinky, jinx back.” – fellow Gilmore Girls fans, you get this right?). I get grouchy when I only have 7 hours of sleep and I’m at my absolute prime when I get 8-9 hours. Any longer than that, and I just stay lazy all day.

With my love for sleep, there’s a few key essentials that I must have for sleeping on the road. When you’re in a home, your environment is always the same. Sure, occasionally you get an unexpected noise, but the sun comes up at the same angles through your windows each morning, your neighbor slams their car door to leave for work at (well almost) the same time every morning, and your home air conditioning unit well regulates the sleeping temperature to exactly the same each and every night. In an RV, none of this is true. Every new RV park you stay in brings new sunrises, new sounds, new temperatures, new environments. Everything is always changing, but with the right tools that shouldn’t be enough to disrupt even the lightest sleeper like myself.

My essentials to excellent sleeping conditions in an RV:

  • Sleep Mask
  • Sound Machine
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Heated Blanket

1) I use a sleep mask every single night. I used to use one occasionally if I wanted to sleep in a little later than sunrise or if I woke up right before it was time for the sun to rise and I knew I wouldn’t have time to fall back asleep before it came up. Now though, I use one every night. There’s always vehicles pulling in and out of RV parks and headlights shine right in your windows. If you’re a light sleeper like me, this always wakes you up. While not all RVs are like this, ours has frosted glass panels in the doors which in theory LOOK aesthetically pleasing; however, they are not conducive for sleeping before people in the living room are done watching TV. Every flash of a television show or commercial is a flash in your room. It didn’t take long to realize I would need to put the sleep mask on every night as I went to bed in order to get a decent night of sleep.

I’ve tried so many different types of masks and I know how easy it is to buy the classic flat piece of satin sleep mask you see in the movies and in all the stores, but they really aren’t effective. They don’t contour to your face and they stay pretty flat which still lets in a lot of light. While it is better than nothing, I highly recommend an upgraded sleep mask.

My favorite: Manta Sleep Mask
I found this absolute gem of a sleep mask on Kickstarter last year and waited months for it to come out of production. It was well worth the wait and I would wait all over again for this mask. It features modular, memory foam eye contours that you velcro into place at the fit that works for you and your eyes because HELLO not everyone’s eyes are the same distance apart. This was such a genius design that after my first one came and I loved it so much, I ordered two more out of fear that one day I may need a new one and I might not be able to find it. Luckily, I had that because I misplaced my sleep mask one day and had a spare to use until I found the original. Did I mention it is completely adjustable so there’s NO stretch on the strap around your head. It’s velcro so you’ll just adjust it as necessary and sleep away.

While you’re on Manta’s website, you should just go ahead and order these blackout stickers, too. For the occasions when I don’t immediately put my sleep mask on, every-single-little-light bothers me to no end. These little stickers are made to pop right on over all the TV power lights, charging cord lights, and anything else that may be bothering you. If you’re not ready to commit to sleeping with a mask full-time, these are a great first step.

2) My need for a sound machine sleeping is fueled from my parents. I was a light sleeper as a baby so they used a basic white noise machine to drown out the noise during naps and bedtime. It’s something that stuck and now I honestly can’t sleep without it. I’ve tried traveling without one and ended up never falling asleep. I’ve also tried using an app instead of traveling with one and barely slept at all. Now, it doesn’t matter how light I pack when I travel, my sound machine is going with me. White noise is my favorite, but it also isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t used to white noise, it might not be perfect for you at first, but it will definitely help you sleep better once you’re used to it. Using a white noise machine while sleeping blocks out the noises from people walking their dogs outside, cars driving by, a TV on in the other room, people talking, dogs barking (mostly), and any other noise you can think of that isn’t too loud. *Disclaimer – a white noise machine doesn’t block EVERY noise – just most of them – obviously a car crash or a loud dog barking might not be muffled by the sound machine.*

Just like with my sleep mask, I have a favorite sound machine as well. The Lectrofan High Fidelity White Noise Machine doesn’t just give you one white noise and make you stick with it, they give you 20 unique (non-looping) fan and white noise sounds. The white noise that sounds beautiful to your ears may not jive well with mine and that’s why I love this one. My parents sleep with one of these bad boys too, but they sleep with a much different sound than I do. They hate my sound and I hate theirs, but that’s what makes this particular white noise machine so great. It has lots of volume options as well so you can sleep with less or more volume depending on your situation. If you need to hear a baby crying over the noise, then you can sleep with it on a lighter volume, but if you want to drown out your neighbor’s party, you can crank the volume all the way up.

Honestly, you need this in your life. Everyone just needs this.


3) I was suspicious about using a sleep tracker at first. I’m a light sleeper and I toss and turn a lot, but I don’t consider myself awake when I’m in those moments, but I guess I actually am. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for years, but never really wore it at night for the sleep tracking. I recently started leaving it on at night though and it is incredibly accurate. I always wake up, look at the tracking status bars, and say, “yep, I sure was awake at that point” or “yep, I definitely tossed and turned that much.” So this one is a dual-purpose. I wouldn’t buy a Fitbit solely for the sleep tracking, but if you have a Fitbit, you might as well be tracking your sleep, too. I’m currently using the Fitbit Alta which has a lot of great features, but with the lifestyle we live, I really need a waterproof device so I’m switching to the Fitbit Flex 2.

4) Last, but certainly not least, I sleep with a heated blanket even when it’s hot outside. It makes everything feel warm and cozy so I often find myself cranking up the AC to cool the place off then turning on my heated blanket to cuddle up with. Call me crazy, but I swear it helps me sleep. I’m currently using the this Sunbeam Heated Blanket which has lots of nifty features like 10 different heat settings, an auto-off feature so I can’t forget to turn it off, and a preheat function that lets me warm it up prior to using. I just love this cozy blanket and it comes in all sorts of sizes to fit whichever bed size you may have.

Do you have any tips, tricks, or must-haves for sleeping on the road? Drop me a note in the comments section and let me know your favorite must-haves!

Full-Time RVers Search for a Puppy Breeder – A Review of PuppySpot – A Company Helping You Find Your Perfect Puppy

Full Time RV Living Dog Mini Goldendoodle

With today being National Puppy Day, I figured it was absolutely time to share how we came to find our dog while living on the road.

When we started discussing getting a dog to join us on this journey, we had some requirements. We all agreed the dog needed to stay small and not shed. After lots of research, we decided that a Miniature Goldendoodle was the perfect dog for us. We then started searching for a reputable breeder and man, the waiting lists for these pups was so long. We know that means they’re a good breeder, but we were having trouble nailing down the timing of a puppy being ready to go home with where we would be located at the time. It just wasn’t working out for us.

Then one day, a Facebook add popped up for a place called PuppySpot. Pictures of two sweet pups popped up and they were ready to go home in 2 weeks. Were we ready to bring home a puppy that soon? Not quite. Were we going to bring home a puppy that soon anyway? You bet. We fell in love with sweet Cash right away.

So how’s this PuppySpot thing work anyway?

Glad you asked. 🙂

Once we clicked on the Facebook ad (thank you Facebook for knowing we had been searching for Mini Goldendoodles), we were led to the PuppySpot website where they showed us dogs that matched our criteria. We immediately knew that we wanted one of these 2 pups we were being shown. I put in an inquiry and received a call from a Puppy Concierge within about 5 minutes. They answered all the questions they could and then went to the breeder for more information on the questions they were unsure of.

The great part about PuppySpot is they guarantee your puppy is not coming from a puppy mill. They work hard to keep relationships with reputable breeders to ensure you’re receiving the best puppy you possibly can. Cash came from a sweet breeder from Arkansas who helped me choose between the 2 pups we were indecisive about. As soon as she started talking about the pups, I immediately knew Cash was the one for us. I immediately paid for the sweet pup and they began making travel arrangements.

One of the best parts about PuppySpot is you can purchase their puppies no matter where you are located. Travel is included in the cost of your pup. Cash came to us from Little Rock, Arkansas, but we were in Northern California at the time. He had a long day, but he flew via United Airlines from Little Rock to Eureka, California with 2 layovers in Houston and San Francisco. During his trip, he was fed and provided water by the sweet agents from United Airlines.

Even though we had never met before, it was like he knew we were his fur-ever family. He was SO happy to see us when he arrived. He just snuggled right up to us and shook his little booty which we’ve now learned is how he shows his happiness. He’s a happy puppy – he shakes his moneymaker a lot!

I should have written this post 6 months ago, BUT I’m blaming being a puppy parent for slacking off on the blog (I need some sort of excuse don’t I?).

Welcome to the family Cash and thank you PuppySpot for getting us our perfect pup!

Here’s a few of our favorite pics from his arrival weekend and the first few weeks after! (Also, scroll all the way down for some entertaining videos from his first weeks at home!)

Cute puppy videos ahead!

First up, first bath for Cash – those little whimpers though!

Running outside for the first time!

Cash loves giving Daddy a bath!

Cash at the beach playing with a palm tree.

And for the video GOLD right here – Cash Superman Sliding Under the RV Doors!

Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Three Rivers Resort / RV Park – Forks, Washington – A Twilight Adventure

Three Rivers Resort RV Park Forks Washington Vampries Twilight

One of my bucket list items on this journey was to visit Forks, Washington. How often do you get the opportunity to visit the real life location of one of your fantasy book/movie worlds? It is a rare opportunity as most fictional locations are truly fictional. So, we decided to spend a weekend in Forks, Washington – home of the Cullen vampire clan. Our RV park, Three Rivers Resort, was located right on the Treaty Line; and if you’ve watched the movies or read the books, you know exactly what that Treaty Line stands for.

This RV park was gorgeous. It is definitely one to stay at to get away for a weekend (not one for cell service or good internet connection). The scenery is stunning. I just love the beauty of feeling the trees completely surrounding you. It was a tight fit for our RV, but we managed to get in and I’m so glad we did. Everywhere you looked from the RV, all you could see were these beautiful, forever tall trees.

While in Forks, we got the opportunity to visit many of the places that inspired Stephenie Meyers while she was writing Twilight. We visited Forks High School, Bella’s truck, the hospital (including Dr. Cullen’s parking spot), The Swan residence, the Cullen residence, and so much more. It is so wonderful to see a small town embracing the fictional world created by an author that is beloved by so many.

We also went to La Push and wow, it was more gorgeous than I ever could have imagined. So gorgeous, it may be enough to persuade you to become Team Jacob 😉 It’s La Push, baby.


REVIEW: EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test

Everly Well Food Sensitivity Results Review

Back in March, after multiple visits to an allergist who found nothing, I started searching for answers on my own. After some research, I decided that some of my symptoms were those of a gluten sensitivity (much different from a gluten allergy). After much thought, I went gluten free to see if it would help me feel better. After 5 months, I can whole-heartedly say that going gluten free is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. One of the problems I was having was joint inflammation, especially in my knee. I’ve had a knee issue for years and every little movement hurt. I went to an orthopedic doctor a few times and they could never find anything “fixable.” They only found swelling that caused my knee cap to shift – which they could do nothing about.

Now that I’ve been gluten free for 5 months, I haven’t looked back. I feel so much better. My knee pain is gone and I just feel better in general.

I decided to take an Everlywell Food Sensitivity test to see if wheat, barley, and other gluten based items showed up as a sensitivity and sure enough, they did. While they only showed up as a mild sensitivity, I think this might be because I haven’t had any of it in so long. I don’t know exactly how the tests work, but I think this might have had something to do with only receiving a mild sensitivity instead of a higher one. Wheat, gluten, and barley showed up as some of my highest sensitivities so this confirms that I have sensitivities.

Below is a timelapse of receiving the product, taking the test, and sending it back for testing.

And, here’s a few pieces of my results!

Want to try any of EverlyWell’s products, but just aren’t sure? You can receive 10% off your order simply by using this link.  *For total transparency, I also receive $20 off my next order if you use my link.*

Adventures are Forever

Adventures are Forever

“Shine bright like a diamond
Find light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy.”
– Rhianna, “Diamonds”

Everyone is getting married.
Everyone else is having babies.
I’m going on an adventure.

While society tells us we should graduate from college, get married, buy a house, and have a baby, I’ve made the conscious decision that society is wrong. I’m not saying these things won’t happen to me one day, they just aren’t happening on the time frame society orders them to happen. Sure, I’ve graduated college and heck, I even have my master’s degree, but I don’t think that means the next step is picking a forever home with a forever person just because I’m at the appropriate age for that to happen. I’m also not saying it is wrong for you because it happened like society said it should.

I think the big misconception in our world today is the societal order that everyone must follow. The things society says we should do aren’t wrong, they just aren’t right for everyone. And by right for everyone, I mean sometimes people actually shouldn’t do things like get married and have babies and sometimes it just means they shouldn’t do those things right now.

Once upon a time, I thought that was the path I had to follow, too.
Now, I’m living the life of the true gypsy soul I am.

And who knows, maybe that gypsy life will help me create my own societal order.

Diamonds aren’t forever but adventures are.

We’re Too Young Until We’re Too Old – We’re Full-Time RVers

We're Too Young Until We're Too Old Full Time RV

I’ve been going to Kenny Chesney concerts for as long as I can remember. He used to come to Jacksonville every year in April and I went each year in middle school and high school. Back then, he was a country singer that every high school, country music loving girl had a crush on. Now, he’s someone who sings songs with meaningful, potentially life-changing lyrics. His recent song “Rich and Miserable” caught my attention months ago when I first listened to his new album Cosmic Hallelujah. So many songs on this album resonate with me (which will likely warrant another blog post at some point in time), but this one really hits hard.

We’re too young until we’re too old
We’re all lost on the yellow brick road
We climb the ladder but the ladder just grows
We’re born, we work, we die, it’s spiritual
Enough is never enough
American dream never wakes up
Too much is never too much
We won’t be happy ’til we’re rich and miserable

“We won’t be happy ’til we’re rich and miserable.” What kind of life is that to live? This dream that we’re all chasing after – is it our dream or is it what we’re told should be our dream? I don’t want to live life in one place. I don’t want to miss out on seeing this world. I don’t want the dream we’re told to dream to be reality. We can be successful, educated, and (most importantly) employed while still chasing after this world and our own dreams. I’m thankful beyond words for a remote job that allows me to create my own office space in my own environment, wherever that may be.

Too much is never too much” is a lie we tell ourselves as we charge more clothes to the credit card, buy a house on a 30-year mortgage, or get our nails done every week simply to look good for the rest of the world (shamefully guilty on all 3 accounts). But what good does any of that do us if we can’t have amazing experiences in life? So with that, we’re selling everything and driving west. With some destinations in mind and no end point in sight, we’re crushing the American Dream and creating our own. All the items we have left are either in the RV with a distinct purpose, use, and meaning or they’re in a storage unit back home. While we didn’t manage to get rid of everything, we did sell and donate so much. It is hard to believe how much you can accumulate over time.

Don’t let this world get the best of you. Don’t become rich and miserable.

Be rich in experiences and miserably happy.

And if I thought I liked the song, the video doesn’t disappoint. At the very least, watch the first 3 minutes before the music even starts. You won’t be sorry. SPOILER ALERT: The video features John McGinley from Scrubs as an extremely insightful college professor.

PS. We’re 2 weeks away from hitting the road! We’ve been living in the RV near home for about a month now completing final preparations. Let the adventures begin!

REVIEW: Function of Beauty – Custom Hair Care

If you’re on Instagram a lot, you’ve likely seen an ad at some point for Function of Beauty – a custom shampoo and conditioner set made just for you and your hair. After seeing so many ads, I decided to do some research. I decided to give it a shot as I’m trying to use more natural products that are better for me and while they don’t make huge claims about being natural or organic, they do seem to use better ingredients than a regular store bought shampoo or conditioner.

Let’s go through my selections so you’ll know what to expect when you’re marking your preferences.

First, we’ll start with the basics: Hair Type, Hair Structure, and Scalp Moisture. For these, I selected straight, medium, and oily. It was difficult for me to pick oily as I’m concerned my hair will get dry if the shampoo strips some of the moisture out because of that selection. I’ll update this after a few months and let you know how I feel about it!

Next up: Hair Goals!

Let’s just say, only picking 5 hair goals is a challenge. When it comes down to it, I picked my number one goal followed by my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The only way I could just pick 5 was to prioritize it. I ended up going with: Strengthen, Anti-Frizz, Lengthen, Shine, and Oil-Control.

One of my main hair problems is shedding. I swear, I’m worse than a dog. My hair is everywhere and when you live in under 400 square feet of living space, you notice that hair a lot more than you did in your full-size house. I tried to find the best hair goals to strengthen and grow my hair in hopes of losing less of it. Maybe this is a lofty goal, but I think it is worth a try and quite honestly, the hopes of losing less hair is the reason I’m trying this product.

I also picked Anti-Frizz. You may be thinking, you have straight hair not curly, frizzy hair, but when I go somewhere that doesn’t have the wicked humidity my hair is used to in Florida – It. Goes. Crazy. I’m hoping this will help with that since we’re traveling to places with a lot less humidity. Who would’ve ever thought humidity actually HELPS my hair???

My other choices were Lengthen, Shine, and Oil-Control. I can’t seem to grow my hair much longer than a about 2 inches below my shoulder. I just don’t understand how everyone is growing their hair so long! I also don’t know that I really want it to grow super long because part of me wants shorter hair as well, but we’ll see how I feel about either of those in a few months. I imagine I’ll likely want less hair to deal with living in the RV, but I would love to be able to do longer braids too.

Now for the fun part! Picking the Color, Fragrance, and Formula Name. While I love the beautiful color options, I opted for the dye free route. I decided if I was pay so much to do good things for my hair, I wasn’t going to add dyes into the product. *Note* – I claim to know absolutely nothing about adding dyes to this shampoo and simply chose not to do it.

I went with the essential oils for my fragrance since this is the recommendation. I’ve read mixed reviews online about the fragrance being too strong or not strong enough, but since I love using essential oils and diffusing them throughout the camper, the scent wasn’t too strong for me. I can’t say they won’t be too strong for others though as I’m very used to the scents of essential oils.

And let’s not forget about how your formula comes with your name packaged on the customize possible. Who doesn’t want their shampoo and conditioner to read – formula of kayla?

Last, but certainly not least: Pick Your Sizes!

Do you use a lot of shampoo and very little conditioner? Maybe you use just a touch of shampoo and way too much conditioner? Maybe you use exactly the same amount of shampoo and conditioner? I can honestly say, I have no idea how much of each I use. I’ve always refilled my own pumps, but didn’t start refilling them at the same time so I’m not sure my balance of shampoo and conditioner. I’ll learn pretty quickly what my balance of use is so I went with the same size bottles of each. After a few months, I’ve discovered I’m using about equal amounts of shampoo and conditioner.

Want to try Function of Beauty, but just aren’t sure? You can receive $5 off by ordering through this link. The discount will appear when are choosing your bottle size. Try it out and let me know what you think of it too! *For total transparency, I also receive $5 off my next order if you use my link.*

Required: Matching Christmas Pajamas

Full Time RV Family Christmas

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white”
– “White Christmas”

We’ve never spent a Christmas away from home, but we decided to go for it this year! Being a Floridian, I personally was hoping for a white Christmas, but I  may have been the only one secretly wishing for snow. We didn’t quite get the snow, but the cold weather and rain was there to greet us in Tennessee. We made the journey to Pigeon Forge to support the local businesses who were struggling after the recent fires in Gatlinburg. We stayed at Riveredge RV Park in Pigeon Forge right in the hustle and bustle of the city. This was actually one of the very first RV parks we ever stayed at years ago when we were renting C class RVs to decide if we liked the RV lifestyle.

Check out the photo below of our miniature Christmas tree – complete with ornaments that can’t break! We were able to store the tiny tree in a bin under the bed so we can whip it out next year. We’re huge Christmas people so we have to be able to decorate somehow!