Spending Christmas and the Holiday Season in an RV

Spending the holidays in your RV is a great way to spend time with family while still having the chance to travel. Whether you’re full-time RVing, traveling for vacation over the holiday season, or visiting family, there are tons of way to keep you holidays festive in a small space.

Last year, I filmed the video version of this blog post. If you’d rather watch instead of read, video is below for you!

When spending Christmas in your RV, there’s no reason you can’t have a Christmas tree! Albeit, it may be smaller than what you would have in a house, you can certainly decorate one. We travel with our tree and ornaments year round. We store them in the storage space under the couch so they’re always out of the way, but easy to access when we’re ready to decorate.

Some tips for decorating your RV Christmas tree:

  • Non-breakable ornaments
  • Keep it simple, don’t overdo it
  • Make sure it is something you can just lay down on a couch, a bed, or the floor if you’re on the move

Other holiday decorating tips for your RV:

  • Command strips and ribbon can be your best friend for holiday decorating
    • We place command strips on the inside of our pantry doors, tie ribbon to them and pull the ribbon over the front to hang our stockings. Use a pretty ribbon that matches the rest of your holiday décor to tie it all together
  • Keep your décor lightweight and easy to box up
  • Don’t forget to decorate the outside of your RV, too! Many RV parks have an RV decorating contest for Christmas.

One of our favorite things about holidays in RV parks – particular in our winter snowbird park – is all the holiday potlucks. If you’re traveling in an area that has a lot of snowbirds, come prepared knowing there might be a holiday potluck you can attend while you’re traveling. It’s customary to bring a dish if you’re going to partake so don’t show up empty handed! Many RV parks host these events for people who are traveling and won’t be with their family for the holidays. It gives everyone a chance to come together as part of the RV community and it typically gives you a chance to have a full holiday meal with your family without having to cook everything. Everywhere is different, but our current RV park actually provides the turkey and rolls for holiday potlucks. All the RVers bring a side dish or dessert so you end up with a full meal at Thanksgiving or Christmas without all the hassle of cooking all that good stuff in your RV.

I highly recommend searching for local holiday events wherever you find yourself. When we found ourselves in Gila Bend, Arizona for the Christmas season, the town hosted a little holiday parade a few weeks before Christmas. The RV park puts together a float for the parade and everyone not walking in the parade goes out to support the town and cheer on everyone in the parade. Many zoos also have night time events with lights around the zoo for the holidays so we always look into Zoo Lights options as well. There’s tree lighting ceremonies in almost every city in the country along with holiday plays, Christmas light displays, and holiday themed train rides depending on where you find yourself. There is so much to see and do and there are new things in every part of the country. Wherever you’re traveling, be sure to do some research on what they have going on in the area.

PS. Santa always finds you. Even when you’re out in the RV!

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