Full-Time RVers: Favorite Products – HOKENA LED Road Flares


When you travel full-time, safety is a top priority on the road. We’ve always traveled with some road flares, but we can never seem to find them when we need them. Now that we have HOKENA LED road flares though, they’re stored in a nice little container so they’re always together in our truck in the event of an emergency.

With their magnetic backing, they’ll secure onto our truck just about anywhere and they’ll also magnetize to certain parts of our RV. We opted to keep these in our truck rather than the RV because we always have the truck with the RV but we don’t always have the RV with the truck. If something happens to us while we’re out driving around exploring, we’ll always have them with us. If something happens while we’re pulling the fifth wheel, we’ll have them with us, too. They’re great for hiking as well. Since they’re light weight and battery operated flares, we’ll definitely be adding them to our hiking packs moving forward – you can never be too cautious, especially when hiking in a large National or State Park.


We’ve partnered with HOKENA and we want to give you the chance to own their LED Road Flares/Emergency Lights. Head over to our Instagram where we’re doing a giveaway. HOKENA wants to send one of our lucky readers a road flare kit. Our giveaway will be open Wednesday, September 26 at noon (Eastern) and it will close on Friday, September 28 at noon (Eastern). For those not lucky enough to win, you can the discount code freeway10 HOKENA via Amazon for a 10% discount off your purchase – just use that code during your Amazon checkout for your 10% off! DISCOUNT CODE VALID UNTIL OCTOBER 7

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