Full-Time RVers Search for a Puppy Breeder – A Review of PuppySpot – A Company Helping You Find Your Perfect Puppy

With today being National Puppy Day, I figured it was absolutely time to share how we came to find our dog while living on the road.

When we started discussing getting a dog to join us on this journey, we had some requirements. We all agreed the dog needed to stay small and not shed. After lots of research, we decided that a Miniature Goldendoodle was the perfect dog for us. We then started searching for a reputable breeder and man, the waiting lists for these pups was so long. We know that means they’re a good breeder, but we were having trouble nailing down the timing of a puppy being ready to go home with where we would be located at the time. It just wasn’t working out for us.

Then one day, a Facebook add popped up for a place called PuppySpot. Pictures of two sweet pups popped up and they were ready to go home in 2 weeks. Were we ready to bring home a puppy that soon? Not quite. Were we going to bring home a puppy that soon anyway? You bet. We fell in love with sweet Cash right away.

So how’s this PuppySpot thing work anyway?

Glad you asked. 🙂

Once we clicked on the Facebook ad (thank you Facebook for knowing we had been searching for Mini Goldendoodles), we were led to the PuppySpot website where they showed us dogs that matched our criteria. We immediately knew that we wanted one of these 2 pups we were being shown. I put in an inquiry and received a call from a Puppy Concierge within about 5 minutes. They answered all the questions they could and then went to the breeder for more information on the questions they were unsure of.

The great part about PuppySpot is they guarantee your puppy is not coming from a puppy mill. They work hard to keep relationships with reputable breeders to ensure you’re receiving the best puppy you possibly can. Cash came from a sweet breeder from Arkansas who helped me choose between the 2 pups we were indecisive about. As soon as she started talking about the pups, I immediately knew Cash was the one for us. I immediately paid for the sweet pup and they began making travel arrangements.

One of the best parts about PuppySpot is you can purchase their puppies no matter where you are located. Travel is included in the cost of your pup. Cash came to us from Little Rock, Arkansas, but we were in Northern California at the time. He had a long day, but he flew via United Airlines from Little Rock to Eureka, California with 2 layovers in Houston and San Francisco. During his trip, he was fed and provided water by the sweet agents from United Airlines.

Even though we had never met before, it was like he knew we were his fur-ever family. He was SO happy to see us when he arrived. He just snuggled right up to us and shook his little booty which we’ve now learned is how he shows his happiness. He’s a happy puppy – he shakes his moneymaker a lot!

I should have written this post 6 months ago, BUT I’m blaming being a puppy parent for slacking off on the blog (I need some sort of excuse don’t I?).

Welcome to the family Cash and thank you PuppySpot for getting us our perfect pup!

Here’s a few of our favorite pics from his arrival weekend and the first few weeks after! (Also, scroll all the way down for some entertaining videos from his first weeks at home!)

Cute puppy videos ahead!

First up, first bath for Cash – those little whimpers though!

Running outside for the first time!

Cash loves giving Daddy a bath!

Cash at the beach playing with a palm tree.

And for the video GOLD right here – Cash Superman Sliding Under the RV Doors!

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