Full-Time RVers – Campground / RV Park Review: Three Rivers Resort / RV Park – Forks, Washington – A Twilight Adventure

One of my bucket list items on this journey was to visit Forks, Washington. How often do you get the opportunity to visit the real life location of one of your fantasy book/movie worlds? It is a rare opportunity as most fictional locations are truly fictional. So, we decided to spend a weekend in Forks, Washington – home of the Cullen vampire clan. Our RV park, Three Rivers Resort, was located right on the Treaty Line; and if you’ve watched the movies or read the books, you know exactly what that Treaty Line stands for.

This RV park was gorgeous. It is definitely one to stay at to get away for a weekend (not one for cell service or good internet connection). The scenery is stunning. I just love the beauty of feeling the trees completely surrounding you. It was a tight fit for our RV, but we managed to get in and I’m so glad we did. Everywhere you looked from the RV, all you could see were these beautiful, forever tall trees.

While in Forks, we got the opportunity to visit many of the places that inspired Stephenie Meyers while she was writing Twilight. We visited Forks High School, Bella’s truck, the hospital (including Dr. Cullen’s parking spot), The Swan residence, the Cullen residence, and so much more. It is so wonderful to see a small town embracing the fictional world created by an author that is beloved by so many.

We also went to La Push and wow, it was more gorgeous than I ever could have imagined. So gorgeous, it may be enough to persuade you to become Team Jacob 😉 It’s La Push, baby.


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