Our Experience Visiting the Original Starbucks

Every coffee lover should visit the original Starbucks if you find yourself in the Seattle area. While it may not technically be the original location of the first Starbucks, it is considered the original Starbucks since they quickly outgrew the first store within a few years of opening and moved to this location. When doing our research, we discovered they get extremely busy and the later in the day, the busier they get. We set out and arrived at the Starbucks at about 7:30am on this particular Saturday morning and we didn’t have to wait in a line any longer than a regular Starbucks line. Because it wasn’t so crowded, it gave us the chance to take pictures, look at all the original Starbucks merchandise, and even chill for a few minutes to take in the atmosphere.

Tips for your visit to the original Starbucks in Seattle:

  1. Arrive Early – The earlier you arrive, the less wait you’ll have. When we were leaving Pike Place Market later that afternoon, there was a queue line outside Starbucks with at least 40-50 people. No one wants to wait in that line even if it is for coffee at the OG Starbucks.
  2. Buy the Special Pike Place Roast – You can only purchase this at the original Starbucks (plus one other Seattle location, I hear). You can’t purchase it at any other Starbucks or online so get it while you’re here.
  3. Purchase a Mug – All the merchandise has the original Starbucks logo plus special “First Store” branding to go along with it. Again, you can ONLY purchase these items at this store or from people trying to make money on eBay.
  4. Expect a Quick Experience – Once you’re in the store, the experience is very quick. There is merchandise to take a look at on the left side wall, but you don’t have to grab it from there to purchase it. That is for display only and it is just to give you a chance to see and hold the products before purchasing it from a merchandise menu on the counter where you order your coffee. There is only space for a few people in the store so you’ll be behind a few people in line before you order your coffee and merchandise. Once you order, you’ll be handed your merchandise before going to wait at the counter for your name to be called for your coffee (they keep merchandise items boxed behind the counter and bag them for you once you order). There is no seating. There is no hanging out. This isn’t your normal Starbucks. You can’t just chill at this Starbucks like you would any other Starbucks or coffee shop.
  5. Get Pastries Next Door – Take your coffee and get pastries a few doors down at Le Panier French Bakery. You won’t regret it. Also, let’s be real – by pastries, I mean just get a bunch of macarons. They’re the best macarons I’ve ever eaten and I LOVE macarons.
  6. Take Your Coffee and Pastries To Pike Place Market – Once you’re loaded down with coffee, pastries, and OG Starbucks merchandise, head across the street to Pike Place Market and enjoy the experience. If you’ve never been, you must go!

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