Take Me to the Springs

Current obsession: Hot Springs

These places are glorious, miraculous, healing, pools of joy. Ok, well maybe that’s a little much. They are glorious and make you feel so good. They claim to be healing because of the minerals in them, but I’m a little skeptical of the “healing” side of things. I can say they make you feel amazing. Soreness seems to ease away and your skin feels so smooth after. Maybe they are healing.

While we were in Montana, we were trying to find something else to do since the fires and the smoke from them were really bad near our RV park and Glacier National Park. We found another little place called Symes Hot Springs Hotel and they let you purchase day passes to visit the Springs. While these aren’t your natural, in-the-ground type of hot springs, they pump the water from the ground into the pools – no chemicals, nothing. It is just the mineral water and nothing else. We loved it so much, we went back again the next night. We soaked for several hours. They have various levels of pool temperatures which range from hot to hotter (think hotter than a jacuzzi sometimes).

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