Full-Time RVers Do Red Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheater is a bucket list item for everyone right?

If it isn’t on your bucket list, you should write it in. Seriously, write it in now.

We had two beautiful experiences at this amazing location and I would do them both again in a heartbeat. We attended the last Yoga on the Rocks for the 2017 summer season and a concert with some amazing artists – Sam Hunt headlining with Maren Morris, Chris Janson, and Ryan Follese as the openers.

Sorry to every single person that had to watch me dance the entire concert because let me tell you, I was jammin’ and I basically look like Chandler when I dance. These are my favorite artists, singing my favorite songs. I stood and sang (sorry, again) and danced for every – single -song.

But enough about my lack of dancing skills.

For starters, even if you don’t do yoga a lot, you should absolutely go. We arrived about 5:45am for the gates to open at 6:00am for the 7:00am yoga class. Crazy, right? Wrong. The sunrise is worth every minute of sleep lost. We watched the sun come up over the rock formations with the city of Denver off in the distance.

Is this gorgeous or what?

Then the concert – talk about an incredible experience. The sound. The atmosphere. Everything about this place is amazing. (And Sam Hunt, duh.) We had great seats for a great show and I wouldn’t change our experience for anything. I’ll go back again and again whenever we’re back in Colorado. This once-in-a-lifetime experience should be anything but!

Now that’s what I call tailgating with a view! (Below)

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