Never Gonna “Let It Go” – A Review of Frozen – The Broadway Bound Musical

Let’s be honest – you either love or hate Disney’s Frozen, but either way, I think you’ll be impressed with Frozen the Musical. Before they officially hit Broadway in New York, they’re doing a 2 month test-run of sorts at Denver Center for the Performing Arts. We scored tickets for opening weekend and saw the 3rd ever performance of this show.

It. Was. Incredible. And, everyone watching was a happy reindeer like Sven.

So I can’t actually show you any pictures because, well you know, the no photos of Broadway shows rule, but I can tell you, this show made me so happy. What I also can’t tell you are all the details because while I may be semi-reviewing this show on my blog right now, I would never take away the opportunity for you to witness and feel all the incredible surprises that occur during this beautiful work of Broadway.

When you think about the expectations placed upon these performers (I mean, hello, the movie Elsa was voiced by THE Broadway Queen, Idina Menzel – talk about pressure!). Caissie Levy blew away the audience. She absolutely crushed the most important song of the show (and every other song, too). She was stunning and perfect and hit every possible high note.

And let’s talk about the spunk brought to the stage by Patti Murin. Holy geez, she’s a fantastic performer. Not only is she on stage almost the entire show, but she has more lines than anyone. Patti Murin didn’t just bring her A game, she brought everything she possible could and left it on that stage.

The combination of Caissie Levy and Patti Murin is a force to be reckoned with and dare I say, they may even be stronger performers than Anna and Elsa in the movie? On top of Caissie and Patti though, we’ve got the children who are the cutest little actresses who own the stage when they walk out. Audrey Bennett and Ayla Schwartz were Young Anna and Young Elsa at the performance we attended and sweet Audrey is my favorite of all the cast. She has so much confidence at such a young age and she really knows how to walk out on that stage and command the audience’s attention. I’m so glad Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez managed to incorporate these children throughout the show even when Anna and Elsa grow up. They did such a wonderful job changing this movie to a Broadway show and we were beyond impressed. They managed to hold the attention of children through the whole show, which was one of our main concerns before the show started. Most Broadway shows don’t have many children in attendance, but this one has many children in attendance. The adults love the show too though. There were plenty of adults without children in attendance and they incorporate many adult moments that go over the heads of the children that make the adults laugh – think the Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post scene taken to a whole new level (talk about laughing hysterically).

If you’re ever in New York – GO. TO. THIS. SHOW. You absolutely won’t regret it. It is fantastic and I’ll definitely be going again one day.

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