Be a Flamingo

“A bag of beef jerky sitting on a road map
Dashboard hula girl shaking her grass
Shotgun DJ, navigate the airwaves
Don’t know where we’re going or when we’re coming back
Who wants to ride? Who wants to roll?
Westbound, southbound, where the wind blows
Who needs a plan? Bring the whole fam
Load ’em all up in my VW van
Stereo hot, pink flamingo
Who’s gonna spot the first jackalope
Who gives a damn? Bring the whole fam
Load ’em all up in my VW van.”
– Jake Owen, “VW Van”

There’s something about pink plastic flamingos.

Aren’t they awesome?

Some people may think they’re cheap or tacky, but I think they’re a sign of freedom. A sign that reminds you every single day that it’s ok to be different – that it’s ok to stand out from the rest of the world. This path of full-time RV living is not normal to the rest of the world, but now it is our normal – and, we love it. It is such a simple life and is so much less stressful than life in a big city.

In a world of pigeons, be a flamingo.

Fellow RVers, what are your favorite yard decorations?

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