Whitewater Paddleboarding is Crazy

We may be insane. We decided to paddleboard 14 miles down the Snake River by Grand Teton National Park – the same river we went whitewater rafting on (you can read my post on that here). Granted, it was not the same stretch of river, but it was still pretty crazy. We went whitewater rafting on a stretch of class III rapids. From what we hear, the stretch we paddleboarded was 1+ and 2 rapids.

Our inflatable Bote Boards were clutch. And by clutch, I mean, they didn’t even flinch when they went over rocks, trees, and even bottomed out on rock islands. I rock the Breeze and Dad rides the Drift. They’re both amazing and highly recommended. If you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida area – be sure to check out Hagan Coastal Outfitters. They hooked us up last year when we were trying to decide between kayaks or paddleboards and whether or not we wanted hard shell or inflatable. After a demo day, we decided on the Bote inflatables and haven’t looked back!


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