Full-Time RVers – When the Wheels Quit Rolling (on Day 2!)

Ok, not that they actually quit rolling, but it was close. According to James, the wonderful technician sent out by Coach-Net, our tire was faulty. As in, the center ring on the tire was completely disconnected from the actual tire. Luckily, right before we pulled out of Noccalula Falls, Alabama, we discovered the bubble seen below on the tire. We immediately made the decision to call Coach-Net and take advantage of the roadside assistance we purchased when we bought the RV. We called them, provided all the information about our RV, the tire, the problem, and everything they needed to know. They took our phone number and immediately began their search for service technician in the area. Once they found them, they called us back with a quote for the cost of the tire. Once we approved the quote, they sent the company out with a tire and all the necessary equipment to change the tire.

Thank goodness for James. He quickly changed our tire, tightened all our lug nuts, and checked the air pressure on all our tires. And he even provided a few campground recommendations for us for the future. HUGE thanks to James for the speedy service and a big thanks to Coach-Net for taking care of everything else. Our roadside assistance purchase has already paid off! I highly recommend Coach-Net after this experience and plan to always carry their services (along with the AAA we already carry).

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